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Foll Recording and production in the Studio Hartlepool Live room
Foll Recording and production in the Studio Hartlepool Live room
Foll Recording and production in the Studio Hartlepool Live room


.Let me do your sounds justice.

Not everyone can afford to pay high hourly rates for time in a recording studio. Many people also have elements of recording equipment themselves and are keen to have a bash.

My aim is to bridge the gap and provide high quality mobile recording and mixing services at an affordable rate so that bands / musicians and workshops who don't really need to fork out for the studio time don't have to but can make the most of what they have available.

I've been a musician all my life, from rocking out to Queen songs on the guitar from age 8, Nirvana and Fugazi in my teens and now making electronic hybrid music. I've spent time in a number of Hartlepool based bands (most notably Madflower / The Snowfall Report in early 2000s).

I started work in the Studio, Hartlepool in it's early days and it was there that I discovered sound engineering.

Since then I've recorded and mixed many bands, majority of which have been released.  

I'm now looking to make the recording and mixing I love doing so much to another level and provide a useful, high quality service to the musicians, vloggers and podcasters of Teesside and beyond.

The key mission statement is really to "make recording and mixing more readily available to anyone". That could be by recording someone at home or a practice room who can't afford studio time, recording bands at practices to create high quality content for social media, mixing a project recorded in a commercial studio so that the funds can be more focused on the recording process, or just someone needing some overdubs adding to a full project recorded elsewhere that they can't get back into within schedule.

My blog will also be updated with various bits of information as I also want to help out the budding home recordist find their way (doing myself out of work!) where I can.


I'm looking forward to getting involved in all of your crazy musical awesomeness!


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