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Drum Kit with sure MD421 at the Studio Hartlepool by Foll Recording and Production
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Guitar Cab set up by Foll Recording and Production

Foll recording and production is a Mobile, remote or studio based Recording, mixing and production service based in Teesside.

Bands, podcasters, vloggers, singer / songwriters or enthusiastic hobbyists - Get the best version of your creative vision out into the world and have a blast doing it!

Video Showreel

Previous clients include:

  • James Leonard Hewsitson

  • The Woven Project

  • Para Alta

  • Carschool Confessions Podcast

  • Lost State of Dan

  • Wingz of the Monkey


  • Charlotte Grayson

  • Jasmine Weatherill

  • Swindled

  • All The Nines

  • Matt James

  • Haeze

  • Marketplace

  • The Snowfall Report

  • Dustbyte

Ed - Shy Bairn Records

“That’s f***n awesome dude! Making me sound like a beast! those bass cuts are killer. Nice work man. Respect."

Wingz of the Monkey

"Really good fun and 100% worth the money”
“Foll is a Wizard”
 “We were all so pleased with the final mixes”
“We couldn’t wait to release the tracks”
“Such a great set up and nice vibe made us feel at ease”"

Lost State of Dan

“Absolutely over the moon with it mate! yesterday's session has defo lifted it”


  • £15/hr for engineering recording sessions. Fees for location (i.e. practice room / studio) not included.

  • Partnership with The Studio in Hartlepool - Fully equipped recording studio and live room. Bookable for additional £8/hr.

Mixing / Audio Repair

  • £15/hr for mixes during recording sessions. Fees for location not included.

  • Remote mixing/mastering - base rate - £60 first song / individual song - £30 for subsequent songs recorded in same session (dependent on size of project and length of time involved)*.

Get in touch via the form below to kickstart a discussion about your project:

Find out more.....

Thanks for submitting!

* - For example a singer / songwriter song with a handful of tracks will take less time than an epic rock production, therefore should cost you less! I'll review the files for free before confirming price



Microphone set up by Foll Recording and Production
Guitar amp set up with Foll Recording and production


  • Mobile recording.

  • Record at any venue/rehearsal space/outside.

  • Pro quality equipment.

  • Years of recording experience.

  • Flexible with location / times.

  • Portable acoustic treatment / gobos.

  • Record top quality Singles / EP / Album

  • Add overdubs to existing recordings.

  • Record gigs or performances.

  • Record podcasts / vlogs or audio for audiobooks / voiceover.

  • Record demos prior to sessions in a commercial studio.

Mixing session using logic pro with Foll recording and production

Mixing / mastering & Editing

  • Professional Plugin suites​ from Fabfilter, UAD, Sonnox, Celemony, iZotope, Ableton, Native Instruments, amongst others.

  • Use Melodyne for pitch correction of voice and instruments

  • Drum replacement software to clean up poorly recorded  or unsatisfactory drums.

  • Remote mix reviews available online using Audiomovers Listento - you stay at home and we can review the mixes together at the same time using Zoom/Facetime/Teams!

  • Mix / project archiving and review using Stacktune - keep track of all versions, easy commenting and hi-res download / streaming

Zoom livetrack L20 used by Foll recording and Production

Production / Remixing

  • Hear your work re-imagined, remixed or re-styled for a B-side or bonus track.

  • Worked with local and international artists over the years

  • Remixes and production across various styles from Ambient to Rock via Acid House and a bit of Pop thrown in for good measure.

  • A fresh set of ears to be onboard the creative process of recording an album / EP from the start.

  • Artist centred and always aiming to bring the best out in a production.

Izotope RX10 used by Foll recording and production

Audio Repair

  • Using Izotope RX10, the leading industry software for cleaning up and repairing Audio.

  • Remove room noise, Clicks, pops, sibilance and reduce echo or mic / headphone bleed in recordings.

  • Repair audio damaged by "Lossy" conversion to Mp3 or similar file formats.

  • Fix clipping / distortion in recordings.

  • Ideal for recordings captured in less than ideal environments.

  • Revisit Archive material - rebalance elements of stereo files to improve mix issues.




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